Company Service Rates


Regular Business Hours:Monday to Friday, 8 A.M. to 4 P.M., Pacific Standard Time.


On-Site:Charged at 1/2 hour increments, minimum 1 hour.
Remote:Charged at 1/4 hour increments, minimum 1/4 hour.
Emergency:Charged at 1 hour increments, minimum 2 hours.

Regular Maintenance:

Monthly: Work performed during maintenance cycles is scheduled after hours work and is charged at the Regular Hours Service Rate.
Other: Other maintenance schedules are available. Please contact Silver Networks for more information.

Custom Service Contracts:

Information: If your business requires frequent after hours service, a customized After Hours Service Contract can be drawn up for your specific needs. Service Contracts can save you money by not having to pay a premium for after hours services as well as guarantee services within specified time frames of the contract. Contact your service representative at Silver Networks for more information.

Fine Print:

* After Hours Service rates only apply to work which has been pre-scheduled by Silver Networks. This work is scheduled by technician availability.
** Emergency Service rates may apply during all hours for immediate, on-demand service. This work is scheduled by technician availability. These rates may apply to all hours in order to service emergency requests, as technicians may need to reschedule work already scheduled for other clients.